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I refuse to be a pawn in any of this
How did we get into this mess 
This is a open wound that isn't healing
I'm done running in circles
I'm done hiding from you
I am who I am
You can never change
You are the reason
I can't stand on my own
Don't think for a second 
That I can't see right through you
I've been walking on broken glass
While you sift your  way through life
Controlling the ones around you 
Doing everything you can to get ahead 
You lie through your teeth, and expect me to stand for this. 
Just stand still and see what hope brings you. 
Your lifeless body will drowned in your sorrow, hoping and praying you're dead. 
But you'll come back from this and prove me wrong instead. You're nothing but a fucking joke. 
Keep grasping for air
But the current takes you underneath
All of your lies you used to make this real
We saw this through thick and thin whatever happened to brothers til the end 


from Centers, released March 18, 2013
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Afflictions Scranton, Pennsylvania

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